Monday, 29 October 2012

Sale Size Solutions

Blue lace back maxi dress,  £15 Topshop maternity sale
Sequin dress, £10 Topshop sale

We've all been there; when you find an amazing bargain in the sale and are heading straight for the till when you realize its not your size or is damaged! But don't let a little sewing scare you off. The blue dress above was a size 10 maternity dress but with some simple re-sewing of the side seam it now fits me perfectly. The sequin dress had a broken zip that could easily be fixed to become as good as new!

Motel Jeans

I love all of the skinny jeans with bright patterns and colours and these two from Motel are some of my favourites! They're made from a stretchy material that is not only comfortable but flattering for most figures too. 

Clothes fit for a princess

I am always scouring the sales for bargain clothes but sometimes you have to splash out. My motto is: if it makes you feel like a princess then get it! All things sparkly are in this season and this dress will be perfect for Christmas parties.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

No clothes get left behind

When faced with the decision to throw away clothes or keep them I will keep them every time! You never know when something will come back into fashion; and if it does you don't want to waste money buying the same trend again! The lace top in the photo was originally a skirt I made but no longer fits me as a skirt, I think the delicate lace goes well with the girly skater skirt for an vintage-esque look.

Techniques that wow

stencil printing and free machine embroidery on space dyed calico
Free machine embroidery using dissolvable fabric

I love to have clothes that are different to the everyday trends. These three techniques (space dying, free machine embroidery and stencil printing) are perfect ways to add your own personal touch to your clothes

A New Favourite- Finger Knitting

An easy to do technique that produces strings of beautiful knitting. Experiment with different thicknesses of wool and incorporate as many colours as you want. I'll be making these for quick, cheap Christmas presents.

Shoe Fun

I'm a big fan of Converses and these animal print classics are a key part of my wardrobe. I keep an eye out for online offers, just like these were, to keep to my budget.

Glitz and Glitter

As the days get chillier we all need something to warm our hearts, and for me its got to be anything that shimmers and shines.