Friday, 28 December 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Feeling very fulfilled after the boxing day sales but now definetly need to ease off the buying for a year or two to make up for the money I've spent. New look was one of my favourite shops this year in the sales and I got the navy blue satin skirt for a fiver and the boots for £12! Also can't part with my vivienne westwood necklace for more than an hour so obvs it had to go with this outfit. For an evening version team with platform heels and wear the bralet without the shirt (and no tights if you can brave the cold). Hope your sale scouring was as successful as mine!

End Of Year Sale Finds

Cape Shirt- £5 Primark, Skirt £5 New look

Jumper- £12 New Look

Shirt- £12 primark, Bralet- £10 Motel

Shoes- £12 New look

Vivienne Westwood choker

I think everyone needs a bit of designer somewhere in their wardrobe and my fix is this gorgeous pearl choker with vivienne westwood original orb logo. Excuse the out of focus photo but wanted to show how it can be worn with anything from collared shirts to simple tee's. Simply amazing- sorry for the cheesy Trey Songz quote there.

Friday, 21 December 2012

60s Vintage Skirt - Outfit Of The Day

Skirt- £3, charity shop, Clock necklace vintage, Tee- topshop £8, Denim Jacket- New Look £15, Heels- New Look

Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

These cute decorations are so simple to make. Buy some dissolvable fabric (available from most fabric shops) then collect scraps of materials. Cut a square of dissolvable fabric bigger than you want the decoration to beand arrange the scraps onto it. Next place another square of dissolvable fabric on top of the scraps and pin it all together. Then either hand sew or free machine stitch on the sewing machine to keep the scraps together and to create the shape you want. After that put your piece under the tap to dissolve the fabric then cut away the spare scrap material so that you're left with the shape you stitched. Finally sew on a ribbon to hang it from the tree. Beautiful and a great, cheap gift!

If you prefer to buy your decorations then these ones from are fab but a bit pricey at £14
Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

Glitter Nail Varnish

Models Own- £5, 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Add An Underskirt

To add shape to my floral skirt I have layered it with my ballet skirt. This gives a cute edge to the simple, cotton skirt and keeps it casual whilst still being girly and fun.
Skirt- Topshop £42
This version from topshop is similar to mine but has the net on the outside. The colours are quite warm and suitable for winter yet the floral pattern makes it appropriate for the summer too. Its not cheap at £42 but worth it as you can wear it all year round.Team it up with a white shirt, aviator jacket tights and boots for a 'school girl' on trend outfit.

Pleated Space Dye

This technique is so simple and so interesting and eye-catching. The dying part is much simpler than tie-dying as you don't have to fiddle around with the elastic bands. I have used cotton but it would work on many materials, eg. jersey, cotton, first you have to soak the material in a sodium solution to keep the dye from washing out. You then simply put the material in a microwavable container and sprinkle the powder dye (I used dylon) across the material where you want it to go. Finally, microwave for 2 minutes then wash off and leave to dry, viola! I have then pleated the material for a different finished look.
ASOS Pleated Skirt In Space Dye-£12 sale
If you're short on time- or, like me, are too impatient to wait till you've made the skirt-you can get this beautiful and stylish skirt for only £12! The material and colour scheme make it perfect with the trends this winter

Vintage Brooch

Brooch- vintage £5 

This vogue cover shoot from the 60's is just beautiful and I've fallen in love with the brooch on her turban. I found my own version in a small vintage boutique for just £5 and plan to wear it with my collared shirts instead of the usual choker necklace. If there are no vintage shops/ charity shops near you or you prefer to buy a new one then this Topshop brooch is so elegant and perfect for adding glamour to a plain silk shirt. wear with a pencil skirt and killer heels for any christmas party

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clothes Show Live

Dress:£5, Belt:Vintage 
Dress: Oh My Love £7.50

Playsuit: Goldie £5

Leggings: Oh My Love £15, Top: New look sale

Shirt:Oh My Love £7.50
With a whole new wardrobe and a very light purse: my trip to the clothes show this year was a huge success!(I also now have a never ending supply of perfume samples free in the goodie bags so that saves a Christmas pressie or two). I was overwhelmed when I got to the NEC; The main halls were jam packed with an amazing selection of boutique stalls and high street brands, all with endless bargains! And of course there was the catwalk show which was themed 'day in the life of a fashion magazine' and had over 200 beautiful outfits and many gorgeous models, topless male ones may I add! The outfits weren't even all ridiculously expensive, some were high street affordable too! Check out the 'Oh My Love' website, their stall was one of my favourites of the day and was a lot cheaper than most of the high streets brands. I definitely recommend you check out the clothes show live next year, the ticket price may seem a bit high but trust me its worth it!

Friday, 7 December 2012

The Winter Coat

Coat- Debenhams

The oversized faux-fur collar gives a super on trend look to this coat; which can be removed when the weather starts to improve. It's quilted with silk on the inside which makes it really cosy and perfect for chilly winter days. It also has surprisingly cute embellishments like faux-leather cuffs and seams and a subtle glittery sheen to the main body which makes it stand out from other coatt. This coat is bought a few sizes too big to make it more casual and adds structure to any outfit.