Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Geisha & Vogue Inspiration

Freddie Mercury Inspired Outfits

As well as loving a good bit of Queen I think Freddie Mercury is one of those key famous fashion icons from the past. He was never afraid to wear something a bit wacky and very much had his own unique style. His outfits that I have shown above are some of my favourites so I thought I would tried to re-invent them in a girly yet quirky style. Try your own for a day when you're feeling totally 'easy come easy go' ... sorry for the cheese reference to queen song there ahaha.

Daughter St Georges Bristol 23/01/2013

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Leopard Coat

I found this amazing coat in the ASOS sale reduced from £75 to £40.50. The inside of the hood is lined with a super soft leopard print faux fur and even has little leopard ears on the outside of the hood! the drawstring waist means you can adjust it to your own shape and style and the wool base and contrast material sleeves make it unique. LOVE IT!

Happy 2013!

Sequin dress (tucked into skirt)- £10 Topshop

Skirt-£11.99 ebay, Shoes-£12 New Look
I think New Years Eve is the exception to all fashion rules and the more sparkles the better so for my party outfit I chose my glittery platform heels, which i bought in the sales, my sequin dress and leather studded skirt. I also helped my friend with her dip dye and decided to have a little purple in my fringe for a change. Hope you guys had as great a night as I did!