Sunday, 25 November 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Shirt- £5 New Look sale, Shorts- £7 New Look sale, Jumper- £10 Topshop sale
Just bagged this stripy shirt from New Look for a fiver!! And Its so versatile! It can be worn casually with shorts or jeans, goes well with warm wooly jumpers and would be perfect for a night out with my wet look leggings and heels. Bargain.

One Tee 4 Ways

Cropped Tee- £8 Topshop

Left: Jeans- Topshop sale, Right: Skirt- Miss Selfridge

Left:Shorts- Urban Outfitters sale, Right: Leggings- Topshop £22

Sunday, 11 November 2012

More techniques for clothes

Cut and Slash: sew two or three layers of material together either in particular shape or in lines then cut slits inbetween the sqaures of sewing revealing the material underneath. When complete looks very affective and could be stitched onto plain clothes to give them a unique twist
Here I have used strips of organza, in two different colours, to do finger knitting. This small section of the technique is a sample for my textiles folder as I will be using green and gold organza for a belt on one of my designs.

 Stencil printing: This technique is very easy and all you need is some card for a stencil and acrylic paint for the printing. You can print onto many materials but it works best on cotton.

Outfit of the day

Disco inferno- Vogue inspired

I was so happy to see an article in Septembers Vogue magazine called 'Disco Inferno' as I love the flamboyant colours, sequins and crazy fashion statements of the 70's. So after reading the article i created my  own 'disco inferno' outfit complete with wedge boots and amazing pink cat eye glasses. With top designers, such as Jeremy Scott, creating rainbow sequin dresses and, Jimmy Choo, re-inventing the high wedge boots everyone is getting into the psychedelic groove. 

1 skirt 4 ways

Top left: Top- Topshop sale, Belt- Primark, Socks- New Look. Top right: Dress- Topshop sale. Bottom left: Jumper- Topshop 'Tea and Cake', Tights- Topshop sale. Bottom right: Bralet- Miss Selfridge sale
This simple white skater skirt from Matalan may look a bit boring on the hanger but when it is with the right clothes it looks great. For the first look I added my grey knee high socks and floral top for a easy daytime outfit. The second look is more of an evening outfit as I layered it over my sequin dress with heels. I added my plum tights and cropped swallow jumper for look three and I feel the skirt makes a great base for this look without overcrowding it with patterns and colours. For the fourth and final outfit i added my tutu under the skirt to make it more puff-ball and then paired it with my denim bralet for a simple look that could be worn anywhere from shopping to the beach.


So excited for it to be cold enough for me to wear my poncho. The black background contrasts well with the bright Aztec pattern making it easily wearable; I've chosen to pair it with my panelled wet look leggings for a, stylish yet  cozy, winter outfit. Unfortunately I bought this in the urban outfitters sale last year but similar ones can be found in many shop and i'm sure there are some great bargain ponchos available on eBay.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Vintage Rucksack

This rucksack is perfect for carrying around all my junk as it is strong yet stylish. I love the aztec print band on it as it gives it a fun edge. The colours mean that it goes with most outfits too

Making your clothes your own

Topshop dress- Sale £25, Matalan bralet- Sale £5

Topshop dress- Sale £10, Belt vintage
 You don't have to spend lots of money on boutique clothing or be particularly skilled with a sewing machine to own clothes that no one else has. For the above outfit on the left I didn't like the midi lengh of the dress when I originally bought it and so decided to make into a dip back dress. This was simple as the material does not frey and therefore didn't need a hem. I then added my vintage belt to make it extra sparkly. You don't actually need to change your clothes to make them individual, you can just add an item of clothing with it to create something unique. This is what I have done to the above right outfit by adding a bralet on top of my skater dress.

Making Winter Warm- Outfit of the day

Topshop dress- £15 sale, Necklace0 Primark, Topshop Jumper- £15
I hate the idea that we should put away 'summer clothes' in winter and pile on all the chunky layers. Simply adding winter items to your summer clothes can not only keep you warm but save you buying more clothes just for the winter months. I love this Topshop dress and have added my boots, thick socks, wooly jumper and necklaces to complete todays outfit.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Investment clothing

Aviator jacket- Topshop
I bought this aviator jacket a couple of years ago in Topshop and wear it almost every day! The collar and lining means it is suitable for winter and the simple brown leather makes it easy to wear with most outfits.