Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clothes Show Live

Dress:£5, Belt:Vintage 
Dress: Oh My Love £7.50

Playsuit: Goldie £5

Leggings: Oh My Love £15, Top: New look sale

Shirt:Oh My Love £7.50
With a whole new wardrobe and a very light purse: my trip to the clothes show this year was a huge success!(I also now have a never ending supply of perfume samples free in the goodie bags so that saves a Christmas pressie or two). I was overwhelmed when I got to the NEC; The main halls were jam packed with an amazing selection of boutique stalls and high street brands, all with endless bargains! And of course there was the catwalk show which was themed 'day in the life of a fashion magazine' and had over 200 beautiful outfits and many gorgeous models, topless male ones may I add! The outfits weren't even all ridiculously expensive, some were high street affordable too! Check out the 'Oh My Love' website, their stall was one of my favourites of the day and was a lot cheaper than most of the high streets brands. I definitely recommend you check out the clothes show live next year, the ticket price may seem a bit high but trust me its worth it!

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