Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Freddie Mercury Inspired Outfits

As well as loving a good bit of Queen I think Freddie Mercury is one of those key famous fashion icons from the past. He was never afraid to wear something a bit wacky and very much had his own unique style. His outfits that I have shown above are some of my favourites so I thought I would tried to re-invent them in a girly yet quirky style. Try your own for a day when you're feeling totally 'easy come easy go' ... sorry for the cheese reference to queen song there ahaha.

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  1. He would love this! It's a kind of magic, of course. Literally. The Three Magi had wacky outfits too, going by the frescoes, and he was a Zoroastrian so he's in the same tradition. Thing is, materials fashionable in the 70's and 80's were different ones, so today that look is very specific. But it's better that you didn't replicate it exactly, because then it would look costumey. Your advice is great, to just feel into Freddie's style and do one's own thing. I found your blog because I'm doing the same thing at the moment. But I don't want to go girly with it, as I'm a tomboy at heart - I think Freddie is a great inspiration as that wacky freedom is what I aspire to. Yours are not overly girly, either, which is good.
    I love those pleated Zandra Rhodes things, they're very Persian/Egyptian, but they are stage costumes so they have to be toned down for the street. It's not that I don't have the guts to pull it off (I did several times already) but I understand now that his stage performance was a very well thought out religious thing which has its own ceremonial place. If I try to be that in the everyday, it becomes quite alienating because it inverts the alchemy. He prepared a lot before going onstage and revealing that special image. However, the greatly imaginative everyday outfits (that he wears when recording, etc.) are just fine to pull off. They are androgynous so neither masc or girly - therefore ideal.