Saturday, 27 April 2013

Vintage Shirt 3 Eras




This yellow shirt was such a bargain from a vintage store for £3!! I find that sometimes it can be hard to style vintage clothes so here I have put the shirt with three different outfits influenced by three different eras in fashion. The first is the 30s to the 40s and so I have added with a neutral coloured knee length skater skirt and vintage bag. The second is similar to the 80s style with leather look trousers and high waists- Team this look with killer black wedges for a night out. The last look is the most modern as it is 90s inspired-double denim. This trend can be really tricky to pull of but to keep it modern, understated and still interesting either keep to opposite denims or denims that are very similar in colour. Also if you are wearing high waisted denim, a cropped jacket would be better than one that overlaps.

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