Saturday, 21 September 2013

Glisten graciously

top- asos sale

Throughout the aautum and winter it's easy to get into the habit of dressing to the weather, and I don't mean wooly jumper and tights I mean wearing greys and blacks to match the sky and rainy weather. If you're struggling to keep your wardrobe from going to the dark side just add a touch of glamour and glitz to every outfit with a splash of glitter. I've chosen to match my cropped velvet glitter crop with aviator and full skirt for an autumnal daytime look. I also have chosen my new hot pink beaded top and forest green velvet skirt for a casual yet fun look that could be worn with tights and boots in the day or with heels in the evening. If you don't feel confident with this look just yet keep it subtle with a sparkly necklace or shoes; or belt as i have done above. Below you can see the designer catwalks for this upcoming season filled with regal gold and sparkles
Dolca and Gabbana


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