Monday, 25 November 2013

My new favourite thing- VINTAGE WINTER COAT

So in love with my (new to me) winter coat, I bought it from an individual seller in the states and am so happy with it and feel it is a lifetime investment. Wool winter coats and fur collars never really leave the pages of the fashion magasines in the winter and will always be on trend so if you're torn between getting a winter wool coat or the latest fashion fad go for the wool coat! I'd be a hypocrite if i said don't be afraid to wear something that isn't 'on trend' because I have put off wearing my coat to sixth form for a while but who really cares if other people don't like it, it keeps you warm and looks good no matter what you're wearing underneath

p.s small cheesy shout out to my friends who are so supportive and encouraging of me and my blog and tell me off when i don't post enough. Love them all lots and lots xoxoxoxoxoxo

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