Friday, 3 January 2014

DIY skater dress for a friend

Blazer and heels- H&M

Boots- Office

Cardigan- Homemade

cardigan- Urban Outfitters
So I set myself the 'small' challenge of making my friends a dress for her birthday in a complete surprise fabric and colour. It took a little longer than intended and ended up being more like a christmas present but, I think, shes happy with the outcome and she looks gorgeous in it. In these photos she has paired it with: a cream blazer and nude heels for a formal occasion, tights and lace boots for daytime and two different style wool cardigans. The cream cardigan gives a more sophisticated look as the colour matches well with the shade of blue in the dress whereas the tartan cardigan gives it a fun twist and shows how clashing prints can work really well. If you fancy having a go at making a dress for yourself or a friend be sure to go for a simple pattern to start off with and chose fabrics that will not disagree with your sewing machine (for example no pleather or stretchy fabrics). Happy belated Birthday Hannah! haha

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